#64 Aureliano

Modern Times (1936)
“In my best and carefree moments this film really represents me. I see it every time I travel and I cry on the finish, it makes me think about my life. Me too, like Chaplin’s character, feel swallowed up by all the superstructures of the society, by its gears. People often think about material needs, forgetting who they are and how they are, and they become as shown in the opening scene: a flock of sheep. I have often felt caged, I had to be a nurse and then I did other jobs, I had to earn because in the family there were difficult economic situations and nobody could choose his destiny. Even being out of it, however, is scary: Chaplin in the film has the opportunity to go back inside, he tries but when he begins he realizes that he is no longer part of that mechanism, he is a broken gear. But it’s a positive message: it tells us that we aren’t gears, we are human beings. I really like the ending, it almost seems like he tells everyone to go to hell, taking the road with his beloved. I’m living outside Italy since 9 years, sometimes returning because I still don’t feel totally free to leave the society, because I have been part of it for so long. I did my choice to leave everything and go away when I was 28, but then when you have so many freedoms you must also know how to manage them, because you can discover new things about yourself and sometimes they can scare you and make you feel lost”


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