#83 Emanuele

Big Fish (2003)
“In my life I’ve always tried to put together all my passions, that are a lot and the circus and medicine are among these. Sometimes my life looks like this movie, when I tell my experiences about the circus, people often believe it and don’t believe it, these stories are so unusual (like a World Record and a Guinness Record in the Yucatan) that immediately create the “Big Fish” effect, it’s like a syndrome. Some years ago, when I was a warehouse worker, I did a commercial for Discovery Channel as a juggler: at work my boss asked if that juggler was really me. I told him: “If I could do these things, you think that I’d work in a warehouse?”. I didn’t tell the truth because if you reveal yourself, you change the balance. Even now, I work in a hospital, when I arrived they had already seen me on tv, everybody recognize me for the Mirror Show, that has been in television in Italy and around the world: unfortunately you become immediately popular and it’s wrong because I could be the greatest impostor in the world and people talk only about a single episode of my life, not about my studies or what university I attended. At the end you become a prisoner of your stories”


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