#87 Alessio

Les 400 Coups (1959)
“I’m completely in love with this movie. Antoine Doinel is, in some way, my cinematographic alter ego, there’s a sort of spiritual affinity between us. I saw this movie at university in a life period when, as Antoine, I was looking for my place in the world: I perennially felt troubled, sometimes unappreciated, I was a little like him, a romantic dreamer. Antoine Doinel is still the father of a generation that will never stop existing: this movie makes me feel at home, it represents something that is still pulsating inside me because after all, everybody needs a long escape to the sea, a scene that melts me every time I see it. And then there is Paris, a city that means a lot to me, I’ve been there many times and every time I go there, I go to Montmartre to thank Truffaut for this movie”


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