#144 Gianluca

Les 400 Coups (1959)
“This film is very close to my idea of education. Education is something that must be pulled out of adolescents, it must not be imposed, otherwise it becomes instruction, which, in my opinion, is different. We often underestimate the teenagers, instinctively they already know what their path is, also because often when you get lost it’s the path that finds you. In my opinion, the film demonstrates that, especially in that wonderful ending. This film also makes me think of a person to whom I am still attached: although our love story is over, we continue to travel together on the wave of art (I am a painter). When our story began I was already grown up, I was 12 years older than her, who was nineteen: at that time she had the possibility to go to Cambridge but she chose to stay with me and then we watched this film: this choice still binds us and our relationship continues, in a different way, thanks to that”


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