Film People is an ongoing project where I try to find out – through their choice of favourite movie – a little piece of someone’s personal story. I believe that we all hold close to ourselves a movie that has marked our memories, which in some way defines us. In this way, I believe that if a portrait can tell a lot about us, then a film we feel connected to can reveal even more. This project, therefore, aims to enable people to tell their story through their choice of significant movie, thus revealing a piece of their soul within that process: as the “book people” in Fahrenheit 451 preserved the memory of the books, similarly my series wants to link every person to the film of their life, as ‘Humans of Cinema’.

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Alessio Trerotoli is an italian photographer, born and raised in Rome, where he lives. Fine Art Photographer & Street Photographer. Author of awarded series Urban Melodies and Raindrop Blues, featured by the most important photo magazines. Currently collaborating with art galleries in United States, France, Israel, China, Argentina, Australia and Mexico. Graduated in 2009 in Disciplines of Arts and Cinema. His first exhibition was in 2010, since then Alessio’s pictures were shown in several galleries, festivals and art fairs, in Italy and abroad. In 2019 Trerotoli begins Film People.